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Jaime's Crazy Hostel Volunteering Program

Welcome to Jaime Crazy Volunteering !

We are so glad you found your way to us!  The city of Huarmey is located only 4 hours north of Peru's capital, Lima.  This desert flower is home to some of the world's most beautiful, surf-friendly beaches.  Huarmey, known as the "City of Cordiality", boasts opportunities for adventure with its amazing archaeological sites, breathtaking sand dunes, and mysterious mountains.  Volunteering with us will give you the chance to change many lives, but also an awesome opportunity to explore, experience, and enjoy the rich culture of Huarmey, Peru.

The citizens in this town have had many problems with nature damages, and because of that we want to help them. We think education is the only solution to get the citizens and the city to develop, and that is why we want you to help us!

Our volunteering program is divided into three different areas, so being a volunteer with us can fit every kind of volunteers!

1. Our first option is for those who have a basic level of Spanish and English, because you have to help the teacher in the local school. The volunteer will have to work 6 hours in the local school as the teacher's assistant. Because of that you need to have some language skills, so you can communicate with the teacher easily. Notice that you will not be the teacher of the class but an assistant to help the teacher.  It could for example be helping with organizing the class, delivering materials, or helping children in the classroom who you can see are struggling a lot to pay attention to the teacher.

2. Our second option is for those who don't have enough Spanish skills and don’t match option number 1, but still want contact with children. This volunteer would also go to school for 6 hours, but because of languages limits, you would help the school employers to take care of the school and play with children in their breaks. An example of your day could be paying attention to the children in their breaks, playing with them, improving your Spanish skills by talking with the children and helping the school employers with cleaning or other reparations.

3. Our third option is for those who are not interested in being with children, but would like to try how it is to be working in a hostel. For this option no Spanish skills are needed, but you will have to take care of the reception in the hostel, repair damages, or clean in the hostel for 4 hours each day. Working in a hostel is a good option for you who want to meet people from other countries, discover other cultures and develop your network!

Want to be a volunteer with us?

To be a volunteer with us is very cheap and easy, but you have to notice our conditions:

·         To sign up as volunteer with us we not charge.

·         The minimum stay with us as volunteer is 15 days, because of the program. Whether you are working with children or in the hostel, it is important for us to have an organized program so you will get a good experience of volunteering with us.

·         Notice that you will have to be for 15 days accommodation (minimum time stay) when you arrive. You will have to stay at our hostel, Jaime's Crazy Hostel. During your stay you will receive high-quality breakfast.

·          When you volunteer with us it's not possible to teach or be with the children outside of the classroom.

·         During your stay with us there is no possibility to earn extra money.

Being a volunteer  with us can both be a fun and challenging experience whether you choose to help the teacher in the local school, or help the employers in the local school, or work in our hostel! Just open yourself for new a journey and get experiences from your travel which you’ll never forget.  

As Mark Twain said:

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Important information:

·         There are no dangerous  insects or animals which can transport any disease.
·         We don´t have any animals at our hostel.
·          The local school is 15 minutes walk from our hostel.

Why should you visit us?
Besides volunteering with us there are plenty of opportunites to enjoy your stay in Huarmey!

  • Explore the rich archeology of Huarmey.
  • Enjoy the nature of Huarmey by horseback.
  • Have fun at the amazing beaches located very nearby.
  • Oppotunities for trying SanBoarding near our hostel.
  • Amazing Trekking Tours on the beach.
Also you can stay in our hostel and relax
  • WIFI 24 hours
  • Challenge your new friends to a game of Wii
  • Tv Room where you can watch over 150 different movies!
  • Billiard table!
  • Or grab a beer in our bar!
  • Weekly parties organizied by the Hostel!

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